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When you are a resident of Erickson Realty Group the service does not stop once you sign your lease. To make your renting experience enjoyable we provide numerous time saving tools. For all our properties we offer online rent payments, so you can forget about paper checks, and online maintenance requests, to make sure your issues are addressed as quickly as possible. We take the hassle out of leasing so we can give you more time to do the things you love.

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Submit a Maintenance Request

Please submit your maintenance request. Note that requests are reviewed Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for holidays.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Pay Your Rent Online

Did you know that you can now pay your rent online? It's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Below, you'll find some information on how to get started and a few reasons why so many others have already made the switch!

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It's easy! Just let us know you want to pay your rent online and we'll email you an account activation link. Learn more.

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Once you've signed up, you can:

  • View and pay your bills anytime (24/7)
  • View and pay your bills from anywhere (any computer with an internet connection)
  • Set up an automatic payment
  • Sign up for automatic reminder emails
  • Review your payment history


Have you ever looked at a calendar and suddenly realized that your rent was due that day? Or worse yet, that it was due a few days ago and that it was now late? With online rent payments, these concerns are a thing of the past. Simply hop on your computer and in just a few minutes, your rent is paid! Or remove all doubt and schedule a payment in advance so your rent is paid automatically. And this is in addition to not having to write checks, address envelopes, or find/buy stamps...


In a world where online financial predators seem more and more common, we understand if you have reservations about entering your bank account information online. But fear not! Your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted.

Tenant FAQ

  1. Why should I rent from your company?
  2. How do I apply to rent?
  3. Will I sign a lease?
  1. Why should I rent from your company?

    We are a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous property management company. We work very hard to provide the highest quality resident services you'll ever experience.

    • We use professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc) to ensure that your unit is in good condition. We inspect the work performed to ensure that everything is ready before you move in.
    • We are available 24 hours a day to handle emergency maintenance repairs.
    • We provide detailed Move-in and Move-out Inventory forms for proper documentation of the condition of your rental.
    • All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank.
    • When you sign your lease, you have a meeting with your property manager to go over all parts of the lease to help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the lease.
    • All our property managers are licensed real estate professionals according to state requirements.
  2. How do I apply to rent?

    Check out our application guidelines to be sure you qualify, then complete our application form and submit it to us along with the application fee for the home you want. We'll process it and let you know the results.

  3. Will I sign a lease?

    Yes, for most of our properties you will sign a 12 month lease that covers our responsibilities to each other throughout our tenancy. We will go over each part of the lease to ensure you understand it. After your application is accepted, your deposit is received, and your lease is signed, we'll hand you the keys to your home!

Application Policies

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and our rental listings. Our list is constantly updated and can be viewed from any computer anywhere that has internet access.


After reviewing the list of properties, drive by those homes in which you have an interest. A drive-by is recommended to allow you a chance to inspect the age, condition and surrounding areas to see if they meet your standards. Many of our vacant properties allow you to come to the office and obtain a code. There is no charge for this service but a valid drivers license must be left with us in order to obtain the lockbox code. For occupied properties, an appointment can be scheduled with the leasing agent.


Please be prompt for your viewing appointment as our leasing staff may not be able to wait for your arrival due to additional viewing appointments. Applications can be obtained on our website or at the office.


We believe we have a higher than normal standard in the preparation of rental units, but our standards may or may not be equivalent to your standards. Any request to make changes in the current condition of the property or terms of the lease agreement must be in writing at the time of application. These requests must be written into the comment section of the applicat ion and will be considered at the same time your application is processed.


Each property owner has set their own pet policy. Most will allow a small dog, but most will not allow cats. Due to insurance coverage requirements, no properties allow the following breeds: Ferrets, Dobermans, Pitbulls, Rotweillers or any attack trained animals. An additional deposit may be charged for any approved pet. Please call the office for the policy on the house you are interested in. If you have pets please pay close attention to the policy in each ad as this is set by the owner and we do not have the ability to change it.


Applications may be obtained from the agent at the time of showing or located on our website. The application must be completely filled out and signed before it will be processed. Each adult resident must fill out a separate appliction to ensure we receive complete background information. Married couples that live together may complete one single application. A $50.00 per person, non-refundable rental application fee must accompany the application for rent.


Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Processing will normally be completed within 24 hours. This can be longer if a complication arises such as difficulties contacting your past landlords. We will review a credit and criminal background report, verify your employment or income, and check with any current and past landlords you have rented from. As a representative of the Owner of the property, we must act in their best interests and will choose the best application if more than one has applied.

The successful applicant will be notified after the credit check has been completed and employment confirmed. The property is removed from the market when the agreed upon fee has been paid with certified funds or a money order. The property will be held for 1 day only on a verbal basis. If no holding fee is received within 24 hours of approval, the property will return to available status and any other application on file will be considered.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by a telephone call as soon as possible. (Should they lease a different property from Erickson Realty Group within 60 days there will be no additional charge for another credit check.)

A time will be arranged for the successful applicant to come into the office and execute the lease. At this time, the first months rent, a security deposit in the amount of a month’s rent, and any pro-rated rent is due and payable in certified funds or a money order. (Payable to Erickson Realty Group)

A single personal check will suffice for succeeding months rent. A time will be arranged for a “move-in” walk-through. At this time both the property manager and the successful applicant will note any defects in the property on a sheet signed by both parties. The keys to the property will be turned over at this time.

All properties are non-smoking in the interior of the home.


We adhere to the Arizona occupancy standards of 2 persons per bedroom. All properties leased and managed by ERG LLC are are subject to the Federal Fair HOusing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, country of national origin, handicap, familial status, or any intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination. Our staff is trained and educated on the latest local, state and federal statutes pertaining to rental regulations.

The minimum income to rent ratio is 3:1. (Gross monthly income must be 3 times the monthly rent.)

Should tenant not occupy the residence, the holding fee will become liquidated damages.

We do not lease to convicted felons or minors.

Please click here to download a copy of our rental application and application policies